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“In the last quarter of 2019, the world was hit with the insurgence of
an unprecedented pandemic, the break out of the Coronavirus, which has
led to over 4.5 million cases and 300,000 deaths globally in the past 6
months. The impact of the pandemic on the global economy has never been
recorded since the Second World War, and there are predictions of an
impending global recession in the final quarter of 2020. Unfortunately,
the Nigerian economy isn’t left out of this global shock. To reduce the
impact of the global lockdown, it’s imperative for every stakeholder on
the community, from government and private sector and the populace to
work together. This advisory report provides an insight on the effect of
COVID-19 on the Nigerian Film Industry, with a focus on the Hausa Film
Industry, Kannywood, as well as proactive measures to be taken by the
government to mitigate adversities and foster its rejuvenation in
Northern Nigeria.” – MOPPAN National President.

Kannywood like any other film industry is vulnerable due to the pandemic as both the production and the consumption of its output require numerous people together in small spaces. Therefore the sector has been impacted largely as a result of the shutdown of infrastructures such as: 

1) Unemployment – 400,000 unemployed Nigerians and laid off

2) 10,000 entertainment and viewing centers have been closed 

3) Market Cap devaluation of 41% due to a 2.3% plunge in GDP

4) Production companies closed – 2100 in 19 Northern states including Abuja

5) Post production studios closed – 1640 Northern states including Abuja

6) Music studios closed – 4920 Northern states including Abuja

7) Cinemas closed – 26 in Northern states including Abuja

8) Viewing Centers / Community cinemas closed – About 33,600 in Northern Nigeria including Abuja

9) Event Centers closed – 14000+ in 19 Northern States 

10) Venues for live stage drama closed – 420 in Northern states including Abuja

Event Centers closed – 14000+ in 19 Northern States